Dieu tuyet voi

Nhu cac ban da biet ve chung toi - nhung nguoi yeu nhau ma phai song xa cach vi o 2 quoc gia khac nhau. Chung toi vua trai qua 1 cuoc phong van thanh cong de duoc sang My song canh nhau. Chung toi muon cac ban chia se niem vui voi chung toi. Va hon the nua la chung toi muon truyen dat lai nhung kinh nghiem mong co the giup ich cho cac ban - nhung nguoi phai chiu su xa cach nhu minh.

Chung toi cung nhu cac ban la rat lo so truoc ngay phong van, tham chi toi con khong ngu duoc ca thang truoc khi co ngay hen phong van, ai ma khong lo lang khi moi nguoi chi co rat it co hoi de duoc o gan nguoi minh yeu dau nhat (?). Vi the toi hieu duoc cam giac cua cac ban luc nay, ban dung lo chung toi se o ben canh ban, vi chung ta la nhung nguoi cung canh ngo. Nhieu luc toi noi voi chong cua toi la toi rat buon khi chung toi yeu nhau ma khong duoc co nhung dieu kien gan nhau nhu nhung nguoi khac. Nhung toi khong trach bat cu ai dua ra dieu luat la phai phong van khac khe truoc khi qua My vi toi hieu nguoi ta lam vay chi la de bao ve dat nuoc va ngan chan nan li di do nhung cuoc hon nhan khong xuat phat tu tinh yeu ma la do mot muc dich nao do. Nhu ban da biet la nhung cuoc hon nhan gia va li di dien ra ngay cang nhieu o nhung nuoc co nen kinh te phat trien, nhat la My. Vay thi dung trach khi nguoi ta nghi ngo hay to ra kho chiu voi cuoc hon nhan cua ban, hay hieu cho nhung nguoi phu trach chuyen nay. Neu minh la that roi cuoi cung khong ai co the can tro minh vi 1 tinh yeu that su co suc manh rieng cua no.


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