Simple tools showcase

I've had these written for a long time now, but I guess I'll put a mention in for them now.

  1. A stopwatch, I use this as a cooking timer and for whenever I need a simple watch to keep track of a few minutes or hours with an alarm. Source.

  2. An amortization calculator--I was thinking about buying some property, but disliked the web-based TVM calculators out there, so I went and wrote my own for fun. The calculator can estimate payments, interest rates, and also create a printable chart that details interest paid, principal values over time, etc. Source 3607

  3. The piece-de-resistance, my rich internet application interface to this journal and image gallery (CMS). This program lets you browse, modify, upload, and write to this website from a convenient desktop application using normal desktop semantics such as drag and drop. Like this CMS, the application is an ongoing work-in-progress. Hopefully I'll make a demo site sometime in the future. Source 3603

They are examples of Java Web Start and will require an installed Java (1.5 or newer) run-time in addition to acceptance of my personal certificate.


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