Did anyone hit or see a bicycle on the shoulder on 101N (Sunday 8/3, Gilroy/Morgan Hill)

I originally posted this to craigslist on 8/5

A bicycle fell off of my Yakima SuperJoe2 on Sunday, August 3, between 1 and 2pm while heading northbound on 101 in the fast lane somewhere between Leavesley in Gilroy and the 85N junction. It possibly could have fallen off on the carpool bridge to 85N and I didn't really notice until just before Cottle rd. on 85. My best guess is that it fell off somewhere near the Coyote Creek Golf course, maybe around Cochrane or Bailey.

I sincerely hope no one got into an accident because of the bicycle. However, I need evidence of this loss in order to file an insurance claim. If your vehicle was involved, it may be possible to subrogate.

The bike was a 2005 Trek 6700 WSD (silver mountain bike with disc brakes)


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