A CHP response

This is a response I just received for my bike search from a CHP officer

Mr. Nguyen-

Thank you for spending the time to inquire about the incident in question. I have contacted the Monterey CHP Communications Center (831-796-2160) and received the following information (log #397).

On August 3, 2008 at approximately 1319 hours, a grey BMW was traveling northbound on US 101 just north of Coyote Creek Golf Drive, in the #1 lane. The vehicle struck a bicycle that had come to rest in the #1 lane and then the vehicle pulled over into the center divide. Upon the arrival of a tow truck, it was determined that a traffic break was necessary to move the vehicle over to the right shoulder. CHP arrived on scene and initiated the traffic break. US 101 was subsequently cleared. There was no police report requested by the involved driver. I am not certain as to where the debris was placed.

Please contact me if you have any further questions. Take care and drive safely!

Sincerely, Chris

California Highway Patrol
Officer Chris Armstrong
Public Affairs Officer


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