Some other recent applications

While we're on the topic of tools, I've also written several personal webapps aside from this CMS.


My own pastebin; a tool used to take text and put it up on the web for collaborative debugging efforts. Mine, however, takes it a few steps further: I also have features for laying out Graphviz diagrams, and taking screenshots of your desktop without any additional application requirements (beyond the usual Java plug-in). There's also a convenient command-line interface, written in Python, that can be used to paste text directly from a shell prompt without having to copy into a browser.

You can try it and view the sources


Anonymous one-time email addresses, send an email to and it ends up on a web page at It's basically a copy-cat of the mailinator concept. I just thought I'd try and implement it myself. Basically, I setup a single IMAP mailbox that receives all emails for the domain, then there's a webapp that parses the IMAP folders (using JavaMail) and presents the resulting emails to the web.

Check it out -- sources to come sometime in the future.

Poker Hand Paster

I like to play online poker, and I like to revel in reviewing bad beats and the really stupid plays I make. Trying to make myself a better player and all. I've written web interfaces into the PokerOffice and PokerTracker databases. The databases are parsed and hands evaluated to detail a blow-by-blow of the plays.

It's bad in a way that it lets people see what hands I play after-the-fact. Maybe I should restrict access to myself, but that isn't a concern right now.

The pokeroffice and pokertracker databases are currently separate, but I would like to aggregate them into a federated view. The pokeroffice view is still linked directly to MySQL running on my workstation and is often offline. The pokertracker view is running against PostgreSQL on my server and is always online. Source

MMS Relay/Moblog app

Seeing as how everyone's got camera phones these days, and there are sites that let you take pictures from your phone and relay them directly to the web; I thought I would try something similar. I've basically read the WAP MMS specification and created a simple MMSC that is able to accept images.

To use this application, one would need to reconfigure one's phone to use a special MMSC, but it's not a big deal unless one likes to send MMS messages to other phones as well (do people do that often?). I don't use it much, personally, but I'd like to make more frequent use of it. Sources


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